Monday, October 12, 2009

begin rant

You should guess by now that this is my own personal rant space, i may post some good stuff, but in general if something pisses me off, im gonna mention it here right now its this case now i can understand some reluctance in stuff, but his mother is way out of line. To say that he is a "sacrificial lamb to the US" is... it befalls words. I wonder what her opinion would be if it were a US hacker possibly extradited to the UK. The honest truth is the law is the law, he broke serious laws here.

It just annoys me to no end that she would think that her boy is so special that he should be above the law. Sorry the "wank" needs to live up to his being a "Citizen of the realm" and live up to the consequences of hacking into government systems. Personally I cant wait to get his ass here and on trial, I might even try to attend some days.

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