Monday, November 23, 2009

Mounts N things

Going for the 100 mount challenge is... interesting. Last week when CoS was the herroic daily I took a group of players into there. Ret Pally, holy Pally and Prot (me) with a boomkin and mage (frost I think) Just before or after the first boss died the Ret pally's internet went out. Since we were going for the timer we couldn't stop and hoped for his return. Long story short apparently something went sideways in flordia, and he didn't log back in till well after we finished the instance. All in all we 4 manned the instance, including the timer with 6 min remaining. Unfortunately we all had the mount so it went to waste (making my inner mount whore sad) . All in all this is now a very easy mount to get, and I wonder if there is any profit to be made in running people through for this mount.

In other mount news getting these last 20 some mounts is going to be a pain. the only ones i have left are either gold intensive (mammoths chopper several faction mounts, etc) or time intensive (pvp mounts, Argent crusade token mounts, fishing mount et all) so it is likely to be months before this one is complete (to get enough tournament tokens alone requires something on the order of 100 days of all the dailies(after crusader title is earned) , i have one of those mounts so far, and cant stomach some of the dailies, and don't do them every day so we are looking at next year to be finished with that.

/ramble off

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