Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The end of n era

Note, this originally started as a response to Honor's, of Honor's Code et all post about the lore behind the fall of Arthas. It grew too long for a response and needs cleaning so it will go here for now.

it is an interesting idea, but i think the responses have it right honors, Arthas is corrupt, he is lost like Illidan (not an expert, but doesn't he start out good too?) but where Illidan had this relatively paultry temple, Arthas in the Lich King has this massive fortress. Comparing the two, Look at the size of the battlements, look at the depths we now see of it when we enter into the forge of souls, We cannot physically destroy ice crown, or the citadel, there is too much power and physical space there.
Second, the matter of the redemption/good of Arthas, From everything I have seen, including Halls of reflection Arthas is past the poit that he could be saved, It turns out that his soul truly harbored evil, Anakin harbored guilt and shame that lead to pride and anger. (I unlike some see no reason there cannot be a good comparison drawn from Star Wars to WoW) These things are the, Chink in the armor of the soul, the things that allow a person to be devoured by evil. So, is there good left in there? sure, even the most evil of people, Stalon, Hitler etc could show kindness and good, But the overwhelming thing that is left is pride and evil. Another paralel is Smeagol, we can see the good left in that poor creature, but he is too far gone to ever be truely saved, It was a compassionate death that smeagol received even though it would have been painful for a moment or 2.
Also I agree that we will see a new king of the scourge rise. from a lore point, I suspect that when Arthas falls we will see Thrall, Jania and possibly Tirion at his fall, healping us, and or restraining Arthas in the end. from this point We have a couple things to consider, first is how do we end wrath with actual closure, and second how do we spark off war between the alliance and horde.
From a lore standpoint I can think of one way to set the war of azeroth, whoever is there to represent the horde and alliance argue over who will take up the blade and hold the scourge at bay, Whichever faction looses their leader to that will most certainly be pissed, and what if the soul making the sacrifice cant control the power right off the bat, (IE when He (and I am going to go with Thrall for this one, since the last king was alliance) grabs hold the power is out of control for a few moments. In that line of logic, you have the other Hero, Jaina in my example sacrifice themselves to contain the power until the other can control it, by having the blade be driven into them. Bingo, Horde blames alliance for loosing thrall, and the alliance wants vengeance for the death of Jania. This also works to reunite Jania with the soul of Arthas, sealed forever in the blade.
I have no clue if this is what is going to happen, but its possible, and would provide both closure of the lich king saga, and plenty of reason to start all out war between the Horde and the Alliance. (note this is only enhanced if Jania becomes one of the Lich generals) Finally, there is the matter of what causes deathwing to become active again, I don't know where he as been hiding (not a lore expert) but the kind of power that could be released when Arthas is pulled down might be enough to wake a slumbering giant...

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