Monday, January 11, 2010

Of Moon's and jokes

Sometimes jokes just go wrong for entirely different reasons than one would expect.
Recently I started a warlock as a joke, I chose a name that while meaningless to most people could be kinda offensive and annoying to a specific person in the guild my main lives in. I figured to play this little thing up to 10 or 11 where it would be visible on the armory and not bother past that point until it was either reported or deleted. Well, it failed for one important reason, I found that I really enjoy my little warlock. His void walker is amusing, and I find I really like the demo tree so far( for all those screaming that demo is horrid for leveling etc, eh dont care, its fun). So I was left with a dilemma, I love the lock and want to play him, but even I didn't like the name, so it was a process of wait and see if/when it was reported, then change it, or pay to change the name. I am notoriously cheep at times so it was a wait and see procedure. In the end it was reported for being in violation of the RP naming guidelines (partial or complete sentence) rather than for being offensive, but eh I am happy, as now there is a new tego to join the ranks of my other toons, and I didn't have to pay for a name change.

In the end what was supposed to be a minor diversion and a joke became my first real alt since... ever, I now have boa gear, something i swore off of when I found out about it (my emblems are important yo. I wont waste them on that) and I have leveled another toon 26 levels so far, in a couple of weeks, by contrast the poor DK sits at 61, that having taken months to do, and only really happening because my fieance wanted a pocket jewel crafter.

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